Chin Up

Somewhere out there today is a person who needs to hear this:
Chin Up Thanks Julieanneda for bringing it forward.


It seems to me that there are plenty of police officers out there with their heads down at the moment.

I’m proud to count any number of them as my friends… I’m proud to serve alongside them all.

• There’s the retiring officer – who thought they’d never say it, but they’re glad they’re going;
• There’s the brilliant PC – who has put their papers in, saying simply that they’ve had enough;
• There’s the Police Staff member – who sees no prospect of getting on in the Job, now leaving for the private sector;
• And there are those who are staying – but who will, if you ask them, tell you that all is not well.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

There are any number of reasons that might be given for their sense of unease:

• Austerity
• Police Reform
• Pay & Conditions
• Pensions

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