Chat is closed.

At 13:43 EST (1:43 PM EST) on Sunday the thirteenth day of October 2013, Wikileaks shut down the the internet chat relay page at

Who? Wikileaks and The Julia Clark Organization

What? IRCs have been removed

Why? Abuse

When? 13 October and 23 September

How? Not provided to the general pubic


The Julia Clark Organization

  • Had IRC chat through for at least two years.
    • Mainly used by appointment
    • Mostly uneventful to my knowledge
  • The free chat service is shut down due to abuse.
    • September 23 , 2013
    • waiting on reply for request of time-line
      • excerpt from request:
        • Due to the nature of spanking large companies with deep pockets and addressing corruption in general, The Julia Clark Organization has endured maleficence, directly and indirectly, against The JC Organization, peripheral structures, and our people.I am interested in knowing the time line of abuses; If possible the nature of the abuses and any other information surrounding the maleficence.

The Wikileaks Organization

  • Had IRC for many years
    • I am not familiar with the exact number of years
  • systematically targeted
    • Server attacked repeatedly, making TOR the only option
    • TOR nodes were destabilize until they were inoperable – repeatedly
    • Web-based chat attacked by Astroturfs , and Social Engineers with the intent make Wikileaks look bad and harm Wikileaks and supporters
      • closed web-based IRC October 13 , 2013

Wikileaks Organization and The Julia Clark Organization

  • The Julia Clark Organization contacted Wikileaks via Mr. Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian embassy via H.E. Ana Albán Mora to express unity in the support of human rights.

The Julia Clark Organization for over a year has inspected and regarded The Wikileaks Organization. During this time The Julia Clark Organization has explored the fundamentals of Wikileaks. Though enjoyable task, Wikileaks is a very serious landscape. Observations have been limited to Wikileaks proper with a minor outlay into the Wikileaks party and its rift.

The Julia Clark Organization will publish limited discoveries, draw and develop in-depth studies , and broaden the scope of observations as time and funds permit.

  • Julia Clark

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Update Oct 15, 2013

Wikileaks statement:


We are sorry, but the Chat is now closed until further notice. We hope to bring a better community solution soon.

Over the last few months, our chat has been target of multiple attacks, including attempts to obtain information about users and a lot of spam.

We would like to say thank you for all the people who were with us over the last few years, and invite you to keep track of the upcoming changes.

Pictures: Looters Shatter Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasures

Pictures: Looters Shatter Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasures.

The looting of the Egyptian people’s artifact that undoubtedly was a flash mob orchestrated event.

It is a joyless pitiful unacceptable thing to purposely destroy historical data (things) . And in this case undoubtedly acquisition it for private collectors.

Especially knowing that this De acquisitioning of the museum  was not for acquisitioning supplies.

This was a group of youth that was exploited as a flash mob.

Please return these.  Their worth is more than you can get in a fast market.

Volunteers and personnel from the Ministry of Antiquities hurry to move heavy objects from the Mallawi Museum before protests begin to roil in the streets once again.



Oh My! NSFW How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus – Featuring John McAfee himself

 Thanks for the love, Mr McAfee! Send Money!

McAfee Total Protection Service – Not Recommended